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Recent Recordings as Leader:
Song and Dance: The Mike Steinel Quintet featuring Rosana Eckert (Origin Records)
Saving Charlie Parker: The Mike Steinel Quintet featuring Rosana Eckert (Rosewood Audio)

Listen to Party on Central from Saving Charlie Parker (A Suite):

Author-Jazz Education

Building A Jazz Vocabulary
Essential Elements for Jazz Ensemble
Essential Elements for Jazz Ensemble Book 2
Running the Changes.

The Lakehouse
Sheriff Marlin Cooper
Saving Charlie Parker
Murder at Birdland (Release -August 2024)

"Welcome: This website is a way for me to share some of my music and my thoughts about jazz education. There are audio clips and videos that you might enjoy. Check them out, if you have a moment. I retired in 2019 after teaching jazz at colleges and universities for 40 years. I have been trying to play jazz for over 50 years, still practicing and learning every day. During all this time I have had opportunities to make music with some truly wonderful musicians; some that are famous and some that are not. I have also been blessed to work with hundreds if not thousands of terrific students. Each experience has helped become a better player and a better teacher and it seems like I discover something new each day. It's an exciting time for jazz music and jazz education, albeit a bit confusing."

"This site is a work in progress, so check back periodically, to see what's cookin'. Also, don’t hesitate to use the contact page to reach out." - Mike

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